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Castle Cardano is an educational staking pool who's mission is to spread the awareness & adoption of cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology (specifically Cardano) to non-technical, everyday people.

We provide:

  • Resources to help people begin their journey into the crypto universe

  • Staking to securely & safely earn passive income from your ADA

  • Social media to stay up to date on important Cardano news

Founded by two brothers who are passionate about Cardano and technology, we are dedicated to supporting the Cardano ecosystem.


Multiple relay nodes distributed across availability zones for resiliency

100% guaranteed uptime for DNS with DDOS protection

99.99% guaranteed pool uptime

24/7 proactive monitoring to ensure your money is constantly staking


Hosted in Amazon AWS using industry best practices

Key management best practices used to prevent theft or compromise

There is no risk to delegate your ADA in a pool as it is always in your personal wallet. You do not have to send your ADA to another address


Operated by a team with 10+ years of enterprise level experience in IT, networking, and security

Co-founded by brothers with a passion for Cardano and cryptocurrency

Castle Cardano operating as a Cardano staking pool since the beginning of mainnet, July 2020

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